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Posición Post-Doctoral en Fertilidad de suelo y reciclaje de Agua en Compenhagen.

Acabo de recibir un email contandome la necesidad de encontrar un buen candidato para la siguiente posición, ya que el día de cerrar el plazo se acerca y no tienen casi candidatos. Una gran oportunidad. Mucha suerte!!

Post Doctoral position in Soil Fertility and Waste Recycling: Nitrogen recycling from organic waste streams and biofertilizers

The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen is offering a 25 month post doctoral fellowship commencing May 15th 2013 or as soon as possible thereafter. The application deadline is April 7th 2013.

The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences announces an opening for a post doctoral fellowship, funded partly under an EU FP7 Marie-Curie Initial Training Network (ITN), entitled ‘Recovery and Use of Nutrients, Energy and Organic Matter from Animal Waste’ (ReUseWaste, www.reusewaste.eu) and partly by the research project ‘Danish Nitrogen Mitigation Assessment: Research and Knowhow for a Sustainable, Low-Nitrogen Food Production’ (DNMARK, www.dnmark.dk), funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research.

Project background

The DNMARK project originates from the European Nitrogen Assessment, which identified improved recycling of nitrogen (and phosphorus) from waste water systems as one of the seven major actions to be taken to radically alter the N flows of society. Developments in urban waste management systems will produce new types of waste residuals that contain valuable nutrients. However, there is a knowledge gap in regards to the appropriate and safe use of such products as well as the efficiency of their utilization in agricultural systems.

In a similar vein, the ReUseWaste project focuses on the increased production of organic wastes in animal production systems in Europe. Recycling of nutrients, organic matter and recovery of energy from animal manures is also recognised as an area where significant improvements are needed. The objective of the project is to develop new tools and technologies for animal manure management systems. Similar to waste residuals from urban waste streams, new treatment technologies of animal waste produce different types of residues, and the acceptability and efficiency of such residues in agriculture is not yet extensively tested.

Job description and research tasks

The post doctoral position will focus on these two waste stream types with a common focus on nitrogen recycling to agricultural systems. The research will thus include:
* Screening the market for urban and agricultural organic waste-derived residuals with a current or potential use as commercial biofertilizers
* Selection of residual types for further characterization (lab. analyses, incubations, pot-trials) and field evaluation (in long-term field experiments)
* Investigation of the feasibility and stakeholder acceptability of alternate biofertilizer solutions. Some of the work will be based on collaboration with industry and agricultural organisations and companies already operating in the field, as well as other important stakeholders like environmental agencies, authorities and NGOs.
Your key tasks as a Post doc fellow are to:

* Manage and carry out your research project
* Write scientific articles on your research activity
* Participate in ReUseWaste and DNMARK network meetings and other activities
* Make short research stay/secondment at one of the partner institutions or industry 
* Present results of your research activity at international congresses
* Contribute to dissemination of your research to the wider publicThe successful candidates will participate in a Marie Curie international training network and will work in a highly interactive international environment with other Marie-Curie PhD students/post docs/research assistants, researchers and industry. 
Qualification requirements

We are seeking a candidate preferably with a background in agronomy, soil or environmental science, natural resource management or a related field. The candidate should have a strong interest in waste  recycling, soil fertility and turnover processes and should be willing and have lab skills to learn and apply  analytical and experimental techniques for nutrient and organic matter process studies. Experience with  relevant methods in this field will be an advantage. Furthermore, experience with qualitative research  methods (questionnaire surveys, stakeholder interviews etc.) will be an advantage. Key criteria for the assessment of candidates:
* Documented scientific qualifications, such as a Ph.D. or equivalent in relation to the above subject  area(s), with a good publication record
* Relevant work and research experience relevant to the post doc programme
* Other professional activities
* Motivation and quality of the proposal for research activities
* Fluency in English 
* Well-developed collaborative skills

For specific information about the post doc position and the details of the two projects, please contact the  principal supervisor:
Lars Stoumann Jensen, 
Phone: +45 353 33470, Mobile +45 2122 2039, lsj@life.ku.dk

Application procedure

The application, in English, must be submitted in the application form by clicking "Apply online" below. The application must include the following:
* Cover Letter detailing your motivation and background for applying for the position, 
* A max 1-page proposal for research plan / activities to pursue in the position
* Curriculum Vitae
* Diploma and transcripts of records, PhD thesis assessment report (if available)
* Full list of scientific publications
* A maximum of 3 relevant scientific works the applicant wishes to be included in the assessment.
* Documentation of additional qualifications, e.g. prices, awards, extracurricular activities etc.
* Personal recommendations / references

The University of Copenhagen welcomes applications from suitable qualified candidates regardless of age,  gender, race, religion or ethnic background.  The application must be received no later than April 7 th 2013. Applications received later than this date will  not be considered. 

Apply on-line link:

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