lunes, 29 de julio de 2013

Post-Doctoral posición en Suelo-Carbón

Carbon in deep soils. Controlling factors analysis and mapping.

- Último día para realizar la aplicación: 1 de Septiembre del 2013

- Duración: 12-18 meses.

- Salario: 1875-2157 €/mes limpios dependiendo la experiencia previa.

- Localizacíon: INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research) InfoSol Unit, Orléans, France.

- Fecha de inicio: 1 de Noviembre del 2013


It is well established that carbon in deep soil layers is a key component the dynamics of which should be understood to better model carbon sequestration and emissions from soils. 

However, most soil carbon maps and estimates at national levels are restricted to topsoil with maximal depths typically ranging 0.15-0.3 m. In this work, we will use data from:

- The systematic soil monitoring network of French soils.

- Numerous legacy SOC profile data.

We will address the following issues:

- What are the main controlling factors of deep SOC distribution? Are they different from the ones that control topsoil SOC?

- How much SOC do the deep layers of French soils store? Can we map their geographical distribution?


- PhD
- Soil science, soil carbon
- Ability to work with R packages
- GIS - spatial analysis
- Data mining, regression and classification tools, statistics
- Scientific English reading, speaking and writing.

Scientific referets

Dr Dominique Arrouays

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